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Chef Reine & Her Team

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Our Story

Kaplan’s Restaurant & Chef Reine ...

Our mission is to bring to Kleinmond the restaurant that it has always deserved but never had. To this end, Chef Reine and her team in the kitchen produce a wide variety of deliciously prepared and spectacularly presented dishes.

Kaplan’s Name

We have named Kaplan’s after the founding father of Kleinmond. For it was in 1910 that the original farm Lamloch that spanned the area from Hangklip to near the Botriver mouth was subdivided and the Kaplan brothers purchased the area where Kleinmond is now situated. Robert Kaplan is accredited with setting out the original village of Kleinmond.

Chef Reine

Reine’s first encounter with cooking in a commercial environment was when she did a hospitality management course at Pretoria Technikon after leaving school. Circumstances and one thing or another lead to Reine moving away from the industry for some years but fortunately she found her way back into the kitchen. Her rekindled interest in things culinary was fanned by Master Chef Australia and to this day she still eagerly awaits the release of the latest series!

The significant incident that tipped scales in her decision to abandon her law studies and go to chef school came about while browsing in a bookshop. The title of a book caught the eye and believe it or not on the fly-cover it said, “....do not do what others expect of you, follow your dream, drop out of law school and become a chef”. With her mind made up, shortly thereafter she enrolled at Warwick’s Chef School.

After a strenuous, testing 12 months she emerged with a City and Guilds diploma and the Rodger Verge Student of the Year Award. Not too long afterwards the opportunity arose to purchase the restaurant right below her apartment in Harbour Road and so Kaplan’s was born.