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Restaurant In Kleinmond Offering Seafood & Steaks Amazing Desserts

Our customers are saying some really nice things about our staff and great cuisine we thank you all very much !

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Riaad Isaacs...

“Pretty much stumbled upon this gem by accident, but what a find. The food was exquisite, from the fresh oysters and sumptuous pickled fish to start, the firm, fleshy Yellow tail afloat on a smooth bed of fluffy mash potato with a side of sautéed flavour filled vegetables had us salivating in anticipation and then the coup de gras, massively understated on the menu as ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. No, that it was not, it might be better described as heaven for my taste buds. The service was friendly, efficient and a great accompaniment to the spectacular cuisine. Kaplan’s is a new addition to the Kleinmond culinary scene and I think possibly none better. Make this a must if you’re anywhere near Kleinmond”.......Riaad Isaacs.... 1 Nov 2017

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Des Goslett...

“Kleinmond at last gets a restaurant that serves affordable food of high quality, prepared by an award winning chef. Reine & Rob have set the bar high for themselves and for us the customers to enjoy great food excellently presented. A feast for the eyes and taste. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and will certainly be back. We will recommend highly”........ Des Goslett...27 Oct 2017

Ilana Friedman

“My dessert was insane! Art in Cuisine. Talented young chef! Gracious staff. Indeed a serendipitous discovery”.......Ilana Friedman ... 2 Nov 2017

kaplans restaurant reviews

Chandos Schultz

“Great food. Just popped in for a snack and was pleasantly surprised. We had Tapas and non alcoholic drinks as we were on the bike. Will definitely go back”.....Chandos Schultz....30 Sept 2017

Jean Landman...

“Kaplan’s the best place in Kleinmond. I have a self catering studio called Swartrivierweg and all my clients go there for lunch or supper. We also take our visitors and friends from overseas there. EXCELLENT, the food and the service. Shaun and the rest of the waiters are so well trained and so friendly. SIMPLY the best place in Town”......Jean Landman....10 Nov 2017-11-12

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Germien Pauw

“You have certainly upped the game Reine Leibbrandt”.....Germien Pauw...27 Oct 2017

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Mikael Leibbrandt

“Rated 5 Star”.....Mikael Leibbrandt 19 Oct 2017

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Annemie Hiscutt

“Thank you! Excellent burger!”......Annemie Hiscutt ....30 Sept 2017